How It Works

Contact Us

You’ve got an idea and you’re ready to go?  GREAT!  Your first step is to call or email our service team and an Account Manager will walk you through the rest of the adventure.  It’s a fun and engaging process seeing your ideas come to life and we’re excited we get to help make it happen!

Choose Your Apparel

There are so many amazing apparel options available and we curate the list for you to present only the best options for your budget.  Already have your blank apparel? Drop it off or have it shipped to our base of operations and we’ll handle the printing just like any other job.

Find Your Finish(es)

Why stop at screen printing or embroidery?  We have more solutions to customize and make your apparel uniquely branded.  We’ll help you get a clean, professional and finished look you can be proud of.  100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Let’s Review

Before handing off your amazing idea to the Art Department, one of our Account Managers will review your order and pre-existing art files (if any).  We want to make sure we have everything we need so we can give you the best turn around time possible — cause nobody likes waiting forever, right?

The Magic Happens

Oh my goodness this is almost the best part!  Well it’s probably the best part for us…it’s magical.  The best part for you is probably the step below this one but we’re not there yet.  Our experienced design team creates your custom art (or takes YOUR art) and prepares it for print.  Our long-tenured production staff takes special care to make sure every color is mixed just right and every print is the best possible quality.

Wear it Proudly

We drop ship, hand deliver or you can stop by our headquarters to retrieve your new favorite apparel.  Whether for your self, your friends, employees or customers we think they’re all going to love your finished product!

Thanks for being thorough! We like that around here. If you’re ready to order or have a few questions go ahead and click that giant yellow button to contact us and one of our friendly Account Managers will heed the call.