Since 1989, Progressive Design Apparel has taken pride in being a one stop shop for all of your contract decorating needs.

With our creative in-house design department, the latest screen print and embroidery technology and a stringent quality control process, we are able to guarantee everything we produce  from big clothing brands to local events.

Located in the Midwest, we are a quick ship to and from  most of the country and with our 5 business day turnaround you are able to deliver to your customers ahead of schedule.
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Plastisol/Water Base/Discharge/Specialty Inks/Foils/Heat Transfers/Embroidery/Re-labeling/Tag Printing/Hang tags/Poly bagging/… and more

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Contact us at – for more information or give us a call at 317-293-5888.

Why Choose Us for Your Contract Decorating

  • Experts at what we do since 1989
  • One Stop Shop – Everything is done in house
  • Fast and Reliable 5 Day Turn Around
  • One Day ship from Most Apparel Suppliers
  • Specialize in eco-friendly decorating at a retail level
  • We take great pride in our amazingly clean and air-conditioned production facility
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If You’re Not Happy … We Will Make It Right

What Clients Say

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you and your team! This summer wouldn’t have been this successful without the fast and efficient work of your team at P.D.A. The product you all provided us sold very well! The way you all responded to our request is much appreciated! We look forward to building a partnership with you! Thanks again for you awesome work!
Jon, Drum Corps International .
Thanks for reminding us why we love working with you! DONE. Woo Hoo!
In my line of business there are three key elements “Good, Fast, Cheap”, and generally you only get to pick two. PDA falls in line with that, their quality is noticeably higher than other vendors we’ve used in the past, and if you want it fast I honestly don’t know how anyone else can get things out faster! So that leaves “Cheap”, they’re not the lowest cost, but they are competitive on most items.
If you consider apparel items wearing out quickly and the cost to replace them, then they might even be cheaper! (Your mileage may vary) My two favorite things about them are the quality of their products, and that i’m supporting a local business, so i’m more than willing to give a little on price.
Dan, Lightbound
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!!! Thanks for always doing such a great job!
Lin Swift, Swift Promo