At Progressive Design Apparel, we take pride in our full in house system to create, produce and ship your cool stuff from our PDA World Headquarters located at 71st and Georgetown Road, Indianapolis.


Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic design team can take a cocktail napkin drawing, and turn it into an impressive corporate logo.  We take your ideas and work with you to create designs that meet your branding needs.  From corporate identity to special events, print media, and web art; our design team has your creative solution under control.


Screen Printing

Our textile screen printing department focuses on detail to ensure your products are second to none.  With the ability to print up to 16 colors and a perfect mix of automated and manual printing presses, we can offer a virtually unlimited capacity for any job out there.



With state of the art Tajima equipment, our embroidery department takes quality standards to the next level. Capable of sewing a 12-color logo, stitching or applying applique, we can sew anything from a small hat logo to a full back in the thread colors of your choice.  


Promotional Products

We can personalize and brand your company on an endless variety of promotional and event products. For giveaways, open houses, corporate parties, holiday gifts and items for your business, we’ve got your cool stuff covered! What better way for your clients to remember your organization, brand or event? No matter how large or small the order, we can take care of all your promotional needs at PDA.

Why Choose Us

  • We Have Been Experts At What We Do Since 1989
  • When You Look Good … We Look Good… It’s That Simple
  • We Have A 5 Day Turn Around
  • We Guarantee Our Work – If You’re Not Happy … We Will Make It Right
  • We Pride Ourselves on Being Reliable and Dependable

What Clients Say

Steph was awesome to work with it!! I had a short window of getting my gifts completed before the holidays and after calling around to several places, PDA was the only one who committed to doing the project in a short period of time! My item turned out great and is a treasure my family will have forever! Steph went above and beyond the call of duty in ensuring the gift would be perfect! PDA is great to work with!
Kelly, .
OMG You’re AMAZING! Thank you so much for all the work you did in such a short time … it is greatly appreciated!
Carly and Beth, IN National Guard
You Guys ROCK! I must of called 8-10 other places yesterday to try to get this done. You were the last and only one.
In my line of business there are three key elements “Good, Fast, Cheap”, and generally you only get to pick two. PDA falls in line with that, their quality is noticeably higher than other vendors we’ve used in the past, and if you want it fast I honestly don’t know how anyone else can get things out faster! That leaves “Cheap”, they’re not the lowest cost, but they are competitive on most items.
If you consider apparel items wearing out quickly and the cost to replace them, then they might even be cheaper! (Your mileage may vary) My two favorite things about them are the quality of their products, and that i’m supporting a local business, so i’m more than willing to give a little on price.
Dan, Lightbound
LOVE,LOVE,LOVE!!!!! Thanks for always doing such a great job!
Lin Swift, Swift Promo